Be Still

The world bombards us now with so many information and unless we are careful with what we put into our minds, we will get lost in what we hear and see.

The world itself is already full of chaos and confusion. And along with that, our inner being is also put into the test as to how we can pursue peace. Yet whatever we are going through, God will see us through.

I once wrote this verse on my lap as I take shelter under the Talisay Tree, remembering Him as the God of Peace after all the challenges that SuperTyphoon Odette brought us

The God of Peace reminds us of our true identity in Christ in which our heart and mind can rest secure, knowing that He who loved us is in control.

Sometimes in the desire of being liked by others or be like the rest, we lose our true identity in Christ. That we are enough. That we are loved. And that is liberating.

It gives us the freedom to keep in step with the spirit rather than be controlled by the desires of the world. And true freedom is not doing everything we can do but rather the freedom to do the good for in it there is lasting peace, the peace that comes from above.

Freedom without restraint can be disastrous to our souls. But freedom anchored on how much Christ has done in our lives allows us to live our lives for Him, to be slaves of righteousness and not of sin.

And there is joy in it because there is complete joy in Him. And He alone can give joy along with peace that transcends all understanding. ✍

Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain

These days as our eyes are often glued on our screens, our eyes will never have enough of seeing. And  the tendency to compare is also heightened and the tendency to have more and more seems insatiable and which brings me to this verse:

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”
-1 Timothy 6

“Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

Also, we try to do our best because we want to advance in our own endeavors because with promotion comes a raise and this makes life also seems like a race. Oftentimes a rat race. But it somehow dawned on me that there are so many things beyond our control and even tomorrow is not promised. So I remind myself to just be fully present at the moment and to be content with what I have and do my best wherever the Lord put me and do everything for His honor and glory. In His word, we have been reminded that the Lord is our shield and our very great reward. And he surrounds us with favor as with a shield. Isn’t that amazing? I am truly grateful how the Lord has been providing for my needs during this challenging times and even share some to others. Godliness with contentment is great gain, because with it comes joy and peace.

My goal really this year is to keep my perspective right with my eyes set on his purpose. I now have more peace that even when I may not be able to do all things on my goals and checklist, God is cheering on my progress, teaching me to surrender my plans to Him for many are the plans in a man’s heart but His purpose prevails. Man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps. And with that I am reminded to keep in step with the spirit. His love conquers all whatever comes our way, his presence will go with us and he will fight for us, for every battle is not ours but God’s.

How about you? I hope you will find peace and comfort in the Lord’s abounding love and mercy especially in these uncertain times. May the Lord open the eyes of your heart so you can see the beauty of His love which is more than enough.

Musings of Ming of InkSights n Letters

Happy New Year! 🎆

Cheers to every soul who try to survive this year. You are not alone. Behind the scenes we are all struggling souls trying to find ourselves again through the joys and sorrows and between self-doubt and courage.

Breathe dear soul whether you meet your goals or not. Cheers you survived. That means we have the chance to get better again, to find ourselves again in the Lord. And to thrive in His love.

I have so much stories to tell, not of trophies and victories but the victory to choose to breathe and live, stories not of how strong I am but of how weak I am who needs His grace and mercy.

I have nothing to boast except to boast about the love of the Lord who seeks the lost to be loved and cared for and to be renewed again and live a life of purpose pursuing His calling so we can please Him in every way.

While everybody is leaving everything behind this year, I say,  “see you next year and let’s continue the good fight of faith.” I realized that nothing is certain, that while we pray that the Lord spare us from the trials of life, we ought to pray, “Lord give us the grace to bear life’s burden with humility and courage, anchoring on your presence as the source of Peace. You are Peace, nothing else.”

And as we continue to pray for better days to come, let us be reminded with this so we will have the courage and purpose to carry on…

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

– James 1:2-4 –

Thank you everyone for being with me this year as we try to survive and encourage one another.

Happy New Year!

Hoping for the Best,

Ming of InkSights n Letters

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