My Life, Your Life, His Purpose

I consider myself as a a wonderer and a wanderer. My thoughts wander and wonder a lot and I love to write random things which inspire and encourage me in so many ways. I believe that we do not need to wait things to happen before we can appreciate our journey. Sometimes it is the journey itself that makes this life worth living if we set our minds on the things above.

I may be a wanderer and a wonderer but I am always at home with His word which gives meaning to our lives and gives us the courage to move forward with His purpose. Words are life and since we reap what we sow, I want to sow good seeds in our hearts and minds so that good thoughts can be planted and nurtured and bear good fruits.

Just like the rain pours and allows the plants to grow and bear fruit so is His word, it will accomplish his purpose. There is power in His word. In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God and the word is God. Words give life when used wisely to accomplish His purpose.

I hope that as we anchor on His word, we get to go through life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment because while everything else pass away the word of the Lord stands firm forever.


Published by InkSights n Letters

A place where seeds of good thoughts are planted and nurtured.

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