“Mom”, a woman of grace under pressure

Got inspired with commissioned pieces and I tried to make one for my mom even when there was no occasion at all. And for all the moms out there, I hope these words I wrote from my heart will be a source of encouragement to you on how much you are loved and appreciated. ❤

To every mom, you are loved and appreciated


Such a wonderful word to utter.
Such a wonderful thought to remember.
How you carried us in your womb for months is such a wonderful mystery.
And how we get to be where we are today and become who we are today is incomprehensible.

For days, months, years, you were always there, from the very first time we opened our eyes, you watch over us with so much joy and hope.

To have the privilege to call you “Mom”, “Mama”, “Nanay”, “Inay”, “Ina” and so much more is such a blessing.

Our lifetime will never ever be enough to repay you for your labor of love and sacrifices for us.

The world is made much more beautiful because of a mother’s soul which fills the universe with love, gentleness, goodness and a lot more.

Thank you so much mom.
You are appreciated.
You are loved.
And God loves you most.

//Looking forward to write more commissioned pieces someday because words will always leave footprints in the hearts of humankind❤

Originally written: 01/06/2019

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