Handlettering is Life

When I was younger, my father used to do hand lettering. He always had a pencil on his ears. And I love how he does his passion with so much love, joy and endurance. He was a teacher by profession but by passion he is an artist.🍁🍂

When college came, he never imposed on us what course to take. He wanted us to explore what we love. 📖

I think that’s what a teacher’s and artist’s heart is. They see potential in every person and they know that each maybe different but at the same time beautiful, just like how art can be so different yet beautiful. 🦋

I hope you’ll be able to explore yourself better as well through art and just enjoy the process.🌻

So here’s my first filmed greetings as requested by a friend who had been a great support in my journey with InkSights n Letters.✍

Thank you getaprofessor.com for trusting InkSights n Letters.😊

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