How I learned calligraphy and hand lettering

I answered a question on Quora on what’s the best way to learn calligraphy. And it somehow brought me back when and how I learned to love the arts in letters or what they call as calligraphy and handlettering.

I think the best way to learn calligraphy is to start with your own handwriting. Before I even learned about calligraphy, I had been trying to write well with my own handwriting and had tried hand lettering as well.

I write using normal pens and just fill in spaces of the letters I created. Normal pens are affordable and handy and you can carry it around. Be acquainted with your pen and your hand. Through time as you create that simple bond with your hand and your pen, the more you thirst for more learning on how to improve on your craft. It was only later in life that I tried different mediums like dipped pen, fountain pen and brush pens.

Nowadays learning is just a click. You can read free online materials and watch free online videos like you tube. As for me, my practice comes ahead than the theory that goes with it. But as one author says. Study as much as you practice. So now I tried to study the theories behind it so I can better train my hand and my eyes in seeing harmony in words and letters.

Do not be afraid to explore your craft. Learn from others and take advantage on the free resources online. And as you learn from others, do not be discouraged when they are so way ahead. Remember that they too started small. Do not lose yourself in the process. Always remember you have your own style.😊

Sharing you some of my early works which I just did for the joy of doing it. My calligrapher friend gave me a cute notebook so I was so excited to use it. It’s nice to have a good friend around who shares the same passion as you do. But even when you don’t have a friend nearby, the online community is a good place to learn and support one another.

And just this year I decided to establish a passion project. I build a website, a page, an instagram and a youtube channel to compile my crafts and to share my skills and talents to others.

My handletterings way back 2015, together with 2 recent handwritings. Before I knew about Calligraphy, I do hand leterring and had my lettering captured at mom’s garden back home .

But I think what inspires me to learn this craft is how much writing had encouraged and inspired me from the inside out. The words I wrote were written primarily for myself: to encourage myself and hopefully encourage others as well.

I wrote this one when Queen Catriona bid farewell to her crown. I love the simplicity and elegance of Copperplate Calligraphy, something which I want to learn further.

I have learned to love writing, handwriting and the art in letters because it enables me to add value in the lives of others. It is my hope that you get inspired with my journey as well. May you find encouragement in learning and progress than to succumb in one’s imperfections. Just keep going. Just keep doing.βœπŸŒ»πŸ‚

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