My writing journey and how it taught me patience


I wrote Psalm 23 from memory. I’m not sure if I got it all right. Oftentimes, my hand written writings are not error free since I wrote it spontaneously coz I love it that way. I love how my pen bleeds at the same time my thoughts flow from my mind.✍😁

I wrote this with my own handwriting. I love how each line of Psalm 23 speaks to my heart every time I write it.✍❤

But it’s funny how my impatience and excitement in just writing random thoughts taught me to write spontaneously without any lines and without any pencil to guide me but still come up with a straight line. But commissioned pieces cannot be done spontaneously and that’s where I get to learn to be patient in lining with a pencil and drafting the appearance of letters. And the outcome is way better. And it taught me that patience in doing things make things better in the end🍂🌻

I always love blank pages or dotted lines more than any lined notebook. But lined notebooks also have its advantages though:)

I love Psalm 23 for its timeless message❤


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