On Love and Life

Social media hype on this Heart Month is all around us, but I hope this wouldn’t blind us with the gift of what we have, the simplicity of life and the different love languages we receive in our lives from people.

God is Love. And we are called to love one another with the love we received from the Lord. ❤

So here’s my entry:

I guess Love is as simple as drinking a glass of water, yet so vital, essential and refreshing.

A simple time spent with a friend while communing with the beauty of nature

It is about celebrating the gift of life and the privilege of having one another as friend. Beyond any emotions, it is a decision to fight for the good of the other and of one another.

One will never truly know when it lasts because people come and go whether in this life or in the after life. Yet what matters is not what you will do tomorrow but what you do today.

We may fear tomorrow but doing what you can do today to love and care for the person the Lord had entrusted to you will give you peace and joy within yourself for it is the only thing within your control.

And above all, it is the Lord who makes things grow. So as you water the seed of love, entrust it to the Lord, the one who makes all things possible and the one who makes all things work together for the good of those who love him who has been called according to His purpose.:)

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