What COVID-19 can teach us ✍

The past days and months had been a bit challenging for our country as new confirmed cases of COVID-19 sprouted and more than tripled in just around 2-3 days. The capital of our country is already on locked down and other cities followed. Work also has been suspended giving me some time to write about how the spread of these virus gave me a new perspective.

First, it taught me that there are so many things beyond our control. Although we can mitigate risks, yet sometimes we cannot totally eliminate it. We are so interconnected in so many ways which makes it also easier for the virus to spread. Limiting movements and suspending work and classes is a good thing. Yet in all these Covid scare, where some people do panic buying and some hoard to gain from the needs of others, I get to realize that though there are so many things we can’t control, God remains sovereign.

With limited test kits and resources and despite following protocols one can never be fully sure not to contract the disease. Yet we do what we can to protect not just ourselves but especially those who are more vulnerable than us. Knowing that God is sovereign in seasons like this we learn to pray and obey authorities not out of compulsion but out of faith that behind the scenes God is making ways through the authorities to contain and hopefully eliminate this virus.

In seasons like this, we need to be still and keep our faith on the sovereignty of the Lord, rather than just live in fear of the unknown. As one friend told me, had everything been certain then we no longer need a God who is Sovereign. By faith, we learn to do things not just for our own personal interest but also the best interest of others. Faith allows us ti be still and be able to think and act far beyond our personal interest.

Second, it taugh me that health is worth celebrating everyday. With the spreading of this virus, we learn to treasure our health better, to boost our immune system and protect ourselves from the virus. It also taught us that tomorrow is not always promised. Those who got the virus never had imagined that a simple flu-like symptoms can take their lives in just a matter of days. So when we find so many things to complain about, think of the people who only wanted to breathe better and to breathe one more time.

I had contracted pneumonia twice in the past and I can feel how difficult it was to just be able to breathe normally. Breathing was indeed a struggle as I try to recover. And I can only imagine how hard it is for these patients as they try to recover from a virus which until now is under study. So as we do community quarantine and home quarantine, be grateful you still can breathe as you want to.

Third, it taught me that it is a privilege to be able to talk close to one another face to face and to be able to come near specially to our loved ones. As places are on lockdown, going home is not yet an option. And even when you may be surrounded by your loved ones, yet it is not an assurance than you can get close to each other as you used to.

A friend of mine whose sister is working on the medical field was forced to stay separately from her loved ones so as to prevent any possible spread of the virus from the hospital where the first COVID-19 patiend in their area had died. Together with her colleagues in the medical field, they just rented and stayed in one apartment so as to prevent possible spread of virus even when they are not diagnosed. I can only salute the health workers as they risk their lives and find ways to serve better. Though it has always been a call of duty, but I know that theirs is service prompted by love and sacrifice for their fellowmen. Thank you.

Thank you to all nurses, doctors and the rest of the medical team and hospital staffs who make ways to serve better.

And lastly, it taught me that while the virus bring about fear, but ultimately what we really fear is not the virus but the death that goes with it. We always fear death not just our own death, but especially the death of our loved ones. Nobody really is too ready, nor too young or too old to say that one is ready to face death.

Death indeed is like a thief in the night who comes to kill, steal and destroy. But thanks be to God who gave us His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. The more we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on the unseen, the more we learn to focus on what is eternal for what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal. And these light and momentary troubles will soon come to pass, leaving us with a better perspective.

“Be comforted dear heart! There is light behind the clouds. “

Keep safe everyone. Let us continue to pray for one another, especially to healthcare professionals and those doing research to combat COVID-19. Obey authorities so that their job may not be a burden. They are doing their best to make things better for us.


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