Getting through challenging times

In the classic book Little Women, the Little Women and their mother were at home while their father was serving their country in the battlefield.

When they received a telegram that their father was wounded and in which case Ms. March has to leave home immediately to take care of their father, she left her children at home with this message:

“Children, I leave to you to Hanna’s care and to Mr. Lawrence’s protection.
I have no fear for you but I am anxious that you take this trouble lightly.

Don’t grieve and fret when I am gone, or think that you can comfort yourself with being idle, and trying to forget.

Go on with your work as usual, for work is a blessed solace.

Hope and keep busy, and whatever happens, remember that you can never be fatherless.”

Little Women lines of productivity and hope in challenging times

I find the story and those lines timely in this challenging times, that while the frontliners are on the battle field, we are called to remain productive at home, to hope and to keep busy and to remember that we can never be Fatherless. ❤✍


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