On Love and Life

Social media hype on this Heart Month is all around us, but I hope this wouldn’t blind us with the gift of what we have, the simplicity of life and the different love languages we receive in our lives from people. So here’s my entry: I guess Love is as simple as drinking a glassContinue reading “On Love and Life”


On being determined and ambitious

The past days I feel like I was chasing time. As a song in Lion King goes “there is more to do than can ever be done, more to see than can ever be seen,” And just like that there will be moments in our lives that we don’t feel enough. While it is goodContinue reading “On being determined and ambitious”

On Love Letters: We love because He first loved us ❤

Sending some Love Letters to the wind and the sky so it can reach the ends of the earth:) This writing is not perfect in words as I write it spontaneously without using a liner beneath the paper and without anything to copy. I wrote it spontaneously just as thoughts flow in my mind. IContinue reading “On Love Letters: We love because He first loved us ❤”