Peace and safety amidst uncertainty

In moments when it is so hard to see the good, we are reminded that in the face of great sacrifice and disaster, the light of his face is more than enough to give us greater joy than when their grain and wine abound. It reminds us that indeed the joy of the Lord is our strength.🍂


Reaching out to the world

I love the thought how technology allows us to reach the world. 😊 I love the fact I get to write not just for myself but for people around the globe.✍ I can see how much the world needs more goodwill than judgment, comparisons and competitions. And my goal is to add value in theContinue reading “Reaching out to the world”

Faith not fear

In my journey with my love for writing and for various arts (even if some do not love me back), I learned that the greatest hindrance to one’s full potential is fear. The fear that you will not measure up. The fear that goes ahead before faith. The fear which creates reasons not to try.Continue reading “Faith not fear”