What COVID-19 can teach us ✍

The past days and months had been a bit challenging for our country as new confirmed cases of COVID-19 sprouted and more than tripled in just around 2-3 days. The capital of our country is already on locked down and other cities followed. Work also has been suspended giving me some time to write about how the spread of these virus gave me a new perspective.

First, it taught me that there are so many things beyond our control. Although we can mitigate risks, yet sometimes we cannot totally eliminate it. We are so interconnected in so many ways which makes it also easier for the virus to spread. Limiting movements and suspending work and classes is a good thing. Yet in all these Covid scare, where some people do panic buying and some hoard to gain from the needs of others, I get to realize that though there are so many things we can’t control, God remains sovereign.

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Reaching out to the world

I love the thought how technology allows us to reach the world. 😊

I love the fact I get to write not just for myself but for people around the globe.✍

I can see how much the world needs more goodwill than judgment, comparisons and competitions. And my goal is to add value in the lives of others as much as I want to invest in myself in terms of treasures that lasts a lifetime, treasures where no moths and rusts destroy and where not thieves break in and steal for what is “essential is invisible to the human eye”.

I love the fact how I get to establish a facebook page, an instagram, a youtube channel and  a website for my love for writing, handwriting and calligraphy and how it reached the world. I’m happy to know that people from different countries accessed the virtual home I get to establish and get to learn from it as well, even when I do not necessarily know them personally.

Know your “Why’s”

I’m amazed that even when I just get started and even when there may not be more likes and follows, I get to virtually meet people around the globe through various facebook page of people who shared the same passion as I do and I get to meet people virtually around the globe when they get to visit my virtual homes in facebook, instagram, youtube and a website.

I get to realize that you don’t have to force people to like and follow what you do because your goal is not just to win a competition for more likes and follows (though there is nothing wrong with that kind of popularity), your goal is way higher than that, your goal is not just now but also on what lies ahead. This is the reason why I want to plant seeds of good thoughts now that bears fruit in eternity. And just because I may not get instant likes and follows, I’m grateful for people who genuinely find my sites a home as well. But even if not, thanks for the visits. I hope they get to learn something somehow.

I always bear in mind that while the world wanted more likes and follows, and while it is also good, there is far greater purpose than that. And that is to reach the world even when they might not like and follow you. Just because people don’t like and follow your sites, it doesn’t always mean they don’t learn from you. Technology has a way of showing what you do to the world for people who don’t even know that you exist. So make the most out of it and share the good. It doesn’t matter if you are influencer or not, your spehere of influence is more than enough to inspire and encourage. Isn’t it amazing how even one person is valuable to the Lord that He seeks out even one lost sheep.

The fact alone that you get to reach people, even if it be just one person, that people get to read your message, count it as a success that you get your message accross. I learned that while the world wanted us to shat what people wants to hear, the Lord is teaching me that above all, we need to speak and use our voice whether written or spoken word to share what the world needs to hear. And at the end we get to be thankful for people who speak the truth  in love so we can live our lives better.

And I hope that God will guide me in this journey to share Inks, Sights, n Letters to the world through InkSights n Letters ❤

May I continue to be guided with His word,

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

//Have a great weekend😊

Have a great weekend. Be grateful 🙂

On humility and patience

As I journey through life, the older I get, the more I realized how little I know and how vast the universe is. It taught me that nobody has the monopoly of ideas. And that it is okay not to know everything at all times. What is important though is humility and patience – the humility to acknowledge that we do not know everything and and the wisdom to seek counsel, and the patience to endure and to learn from other people and our circumstances.

Humility and patience in learning. Written using my own reflection of my own journey.

Even when it seems that we learned our lessons already and prepared ourselves so well for the future, life will teach you that there is no such thing as the same thing and perfect circumstance. Each circumstance brings in new lessons and can teach us so many things if we are humble enough to acknowledge that though we know something, we do not know everything. Patience on the other hand allows us to endure and see our situation on a better perspective knowing that every day things are changing and everything is temporary. You’ll get through it fine even when you seemed to be bombarded at times with shortcomings. Just do your best and carry on. As the song goes “that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” 😊

Humility and patience allow us to carry our burdens with a better perspective and with a greater purpose. It allows us to focus not just one on what we are doing but also on so many things to be grateful for. It allows our heart to carry things a bit lightly even when sometimes loads are heavy. Humility allows us to do our best and acknowledge that God is our ultimate master. And God gives grace to the humble in heart. Patience on the other hand, keeps us going even when we could have so many excuses for not doing things, knowing that He enables and that He is bigger than our worries and our troubles.

So when I get overwhelmed, when I get overwhelmed with what to do,
I take comfort at the view at my back window😊
where I can see the sky so high and plants so green,
and it reminds me how the sky displays the glory of the Lord,
how His works of nature are so magnificent
and how my concerns are just a dot in the universe,
a universe whom the Lord created.

And if He has power over the universe, how much more power can He worked on the one He loved.
And I am loved by the One who created my inmost  being, the one who created me and made a home for me not just on this beautiful earth but even beyond❤

Thankful for the beauty that God created for me to see and marvel. Thankful to Him for teaching me humility and patience in my journey so I can acknowledge God Almighty, ever powerful, ever reliable, ever faithful.✍

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