Faith not fear

In my journey with my love for writing and for various arts (even if some do not love me back), I learned that the greatest hindrance to one’s full potential is fear. The fear that you will not measure up. The fear that goes ahead before faith. The fear which creates reasons not to try.Continue reading “Faith not fear”


My Life, Your Life, His Purpose

I consider myself as a a wonderer and a wanderer. My thoughts wander and wonder a lot and I love to write random things which inspire and encourage me in so many ways. I believe that we do not need to wait things to happen before we can appreciate our journey. Sometimes it is theContinue reading “My Life, Your Life, His Purpose”

Overcome evil with good

Every day is different. Every day can be a joy or a challenge. And every day, we store moments in our hearts. Choose what to store and store the good as you pursue what is right and what gives you peace. Sometimes, it is easier to remember the misdeeds over the good deeds. As WarrenContinue reading “Overcome evil with good”