On Love Letters: We love because He first loved us ❤

Sending some Love Letters to the wind and the sky so it can reach the ends of the earth:)

This writing is not perfect in words as I write it spontaneously without using a liner beneath the paper and without anything to copy.

A handwritten letter to a friend

I wrote it spontaneously just as thoughts flow in my mind. I notice that I get conscious when I put something beneath to line the paper. So I decided to write it without anything underneath and just write spontaneously wherever my thoughts take me. And I just wrote memory verses which I kept in my heart, memory verses of God’s wonderful love for us❤

John 3:16

May this work of art written with a big heart as inspired by the Maker encourage us to love one another. However the words may no longer readable. So just remember the main message:)

“We love because He first loved us.”❤

Happy Hearts Day everyone. May His love continue to inspire us. 🌻


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